Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga Poses for Beginners

This is a guest blog post by Lauren Topor of FITMEDAILY. Lauren Tapor

Lauren is a MoveItMonday ambassador who began her journey to better health while training for her first half marathon. She passes the time by blogging, meal prepping and hiking around Arizona. Follow her on Twitter.

*Lauren is not a certified personal trainer. Please consult with your physician, prior to engaging in physical activity.

Looking to get into yoga? Give these yoga poses for beginners a try!

Yoga was first practiced thousands of years ago in India. Since its inception, yoga has become very popular throughout the Western world. Many people practice yoga for its mental and physical benefits, including stress reduction, increased flexibility and additional health perks that can lead to higher energy levels and a more balanced metabolism.

One of the reasons why yoga is such a great exercise is the fact that anyone can do it and it doesn’t take much to start. What are you waiting for? Roll out your yoga mat and say “om” with these three beginner-level yoga poses:

Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose

  • Stand with your arms at your sides and your feet together. Press your weight evenly across the arches and balls of your feet.
  • Press your two big toes together and create a wide, solid base with your toes by spreading them out.
  • Let your calves and feet root into the floor below.
  • Draw your thigh muscles upward. This will allow your knee caps to rise.
  • Rotate your thighs inward.
  • Tone your abdomen by drawing it in slightly.
  • Make sure that your shoulders are parallel to the pelvis and widen your collarbone.
  • Inhale deeply and raise your hands overhead, palms facing one another, with your arms in a straight position.
  • Downward Dog

    Downward Dog

  • Begin on all fours, with your hands placed under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.
  • Walk hands forward into a comfortable position, press your palms into your mat and spread your fingers wide.
  • Curl your toes and press your hips upward, toward to ceiling. Your feet should be a hip-widths apart. This will bring your body into an inverted V position.
  • Hold the position for three full breaths.
  • Cobra


  • Lie on your mat face down with your thumbs in a position directly underneath your shoulders. Extend your legs out with the top of your feet touching your mat.
  • Gently tuck your hips downward and squeeze your glutes at the same time.
  • Firmly press your shoulders down.
  • Raise your chest, pushing your thumbs and fingers down.
  • Relax from the position and repeat.

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