This Monday, Get Moving with Your Partner

This Monday, Get Moving with Your Partner

If you’ve ever wished you had someone cheering you on or a coach to motivate you during a workout, look no further than your significant other! There are plenty of benefits to getting moving with a partner, including a romantic one. This Monday, couple up for your Monday Mile!

Relationships can bring out the best in both people. This is just one element of why it’s a great idea to engage in a physical activity with a partner. If one of you is just starting out a new routine, the other can watch your progress, keep you accountable, and cheer you on. You can push each other just enough to have a friendly competition or simply move a little bit past your comfort levels. The key is that you each have someone there who can support you.

If you’re embarking on a workout routine that’s on the challenging side, your partner can look out for your safety. Perhaps you’re coming back from an injury or illness and they can help you ease your way back into a regular routine. They can direct you and motivate you to push yourself without causing too much strain. Having your partner around to watch your back could make you more comfortable with getting more physical activity during the day.

Another great reason to exercise with your partner is the quality time. While getting your 30 or so minutes of activity every day, try dedicating the time to the person you love too – no phones, no music, just each other’s company. The social aspect of working out together not only helps the time go by faster, it helps to lift your mood and decrease stress. You can even make a date out of it every Monday!

It may be Valentine’s Day this week, but you can use this Monday and every Monday to add a healthy new routine with your partner to your daily life. Make it fun for each other by making it a date every week!