Working Out in Cooler Weather

Working Out in Cooler Weather

By now, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are slowly dropping. Warmer weather and long days provide a friendly environment for exercising outside, but the fall can also be a great workout buddy. If your fitness routine needs a seasonal adjustment for the first Monday of the fall, there are plenty of ways to make the transition to cooler weather.

The most obvious solution to working out when it’s cold outdoors is to take your workout inside. If running or walking the Monday Mile is your thing, you can use a treadmill. There are several ways to change up a treadmill workout so you don’t get bored. Plus you can put on your headphones and listen to music or podcasts without having to worry about traffic in the street. If you join a gym, you can come up with a circuit training routine and start strength training with weights and machines. Don’t forget to see if there are classes you can take or an opportunity to work with a personal trainer.

If exercising outdoors is your preference, it’s definitely still an option. You will have to take a couple of additional precautions when the sun goes down and the mercury drops. Dress in more layers, but make sure that the clothes you choose will still wick off moisture. You might sweat less, but you’ll still break a sweat, and you don’t want your clothes to become wet and heavy. If you run in either the early morning or evening when it’s dark, wear light colors and put on reflective gear so drivers and others can see you.

One thing remains the same no matter what the weather is or the time of day: remember to hydrate. Drinking water while working out is important any time you break a sweat, even if you think you sweat less.

If you do find the time to run or walk on a sunny, cool day, enjoy watching the seasons change! If the weather feels a little bit different this Monday, don’t hibernate – get out and move it!