Welcome to Move it Monday!

MondayMileMonday is the perfect opportunity to get physically active by doing simple and fun activities that fit your fitness level.  It’s the day to start getting active and set your exercise goals for the week.  Research shows that Monday is the day most people start a  new exercise routine and it’s  also the preferred day of the week to exercise.  

Add exercise into your routine by doing office squats, going to the gym or doing a Monday Mile. Move It Monday doesn’t have to be a dramatic lifestyle change, it can be as simple as parking further away and walking to your destination, taking the stairs or playing catch with your kids.

Ready to get started?

Download our free workouts from fitness experts, get inspired by our quotes or check out our funny exercise tips, to get you moving. Once you’ve made the commitment to Move It Monday, you can be an inspiration to others by joining our ambassador program.

On this page we’ll post weekly updates, so be sure to check back in.

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