How to Start a Monday Mile Walking Group

How to Start a Monday Mile Walking Group

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A walking group can be a great way to exercise for fun and good health.

Walking midday can be energizing and refreshing, but it’s easy to pass on a stroll when you’re doing it all alone.

If you’re looking for an easy way to host a fun and active social event, the Monday Mile is the perfect framework to start a walking trend in your community, workplace or school.

Here’s how to start a Monday Mile walking group:

Map out a route. Check out for an easy place to draw up a route and share it with your group.

Pick a time and place to meet. Pick a recurring time and place, like every Monday at noon in the lobby, to make it easy for everyone to remember.

Make an announcement. A quick email with the time and location of the event will do the trick.

Meet and enjoy a fun and energizing group walk. Snap a picture and share it with the #MondayMile hashtag on social media – we’d be happy to reshare!

Thank everyone for participating in the fun. They’ll appreciate it!

Suggest meeting regularly. Start a Monday Mile tradition and make it something to look forward to 🙂

Want to encourage group walking? Download and share this infographic on how to start a Monday Mile!

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