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Get Your Campus Moving!


What is Move It Monday?

Move It Monday is an international non-profit initiative that encourages people of all fitness levels to jump-start the week with physical activity.

We provide free resources and technical assistance for professionals or students who want to get people on college campuses moving! See the materials we offer below.

Why Should I Bring Move It Monday to My Campus?

  • Promotes social interaction and team-building.

  • Offers the healthy benefits of physical activity.

  • Gets every week off to a fresh start.

  • Requires minimal time commitment.

  • Shows your commitment to wellness.

What Move It Monday Activities Can I Organize?

  • Monday Mile Program. Map your routes, set a time and get walking! You could also make this a friendly competition for prizes.

  • Move It Monday Fitness Challenge. Choose a fitness challenge every week to do together! Try making this a fun competition to get people engaged.

  • Move It Monday Fitness Programs. Organize and offer physical activity programs every Monday. This could highlight one activity or a series of activities. Feel free to brand them as your Move It Monday programs!

Resources to Get Started!

We provide all the resources you’ll need to organize and promote your Move It Monday activities! And they’re all free!

How Do I Measure Success?

It could be as simple as counting the number of people who attend. Or it could be a few questions to determine participants’ expectations and experience.

We always want to know if using a Monday cue led to better outcomes – like greater participation in physical activity programs or improvement in health behaviors. It all depends on what information you can collect! If you’d like some guidance on how to measure your outcomes, just email us.

Have Questions or Need Support?

We’re happy to help however we can. Contact us here.

Want to get Move It Monday going at your college or university? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!