Recommit to Your Fitness on Monday

Recommit to Your Fitness on Monday

Any time the seasons change, it can be tempting to take a break from your fitness routine. Rather than falling back, use Monday as an opportunity to keep the momentum going.

Hot or cold, keep moving. It’s common to use the seasons as an excuse not to stick with exercise. If you’re feeling the weather doldrums, do a shorter but more intense workout by packing in more with less. Need some ideas? Do a set of three mini-exercise circuits. You don’t even need to go outside, you could do this almost anywhere: wall squats, abs on a chair, and leg raises.

Find a Fitness Partner. When you have a buddy, you might be more likely to show up!  Make a date with a fitness partner or ask a friend to join you. It’s been shown when you exercise with a friend or in a group, your overall mood can improve. Also, when you make something fun, you’re more likely to keep doing it.

Don’t let a seasonal flux stop you. There are a host of benefits for exercising all year round, including a stronger immune system and an improved mental outlook. Use Monday to re-ignite your workout routine.

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