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Bring Move It Monday to Your Park!

Move It Monday provides free resources and guidance for parks and recreation professionals who are looking for ways to engage people in their communities and increase use of parks and recreation programs.

What is Move It Monday?

Move It Monday is an international non-profit initiative that encourages people of all fitness levels to jump-start the week with a healthy dose of physical activity.

Why Should I Use Move It Monday?

Parks and recreation professionals should try using Move It Monday materials because Move It Monday…

  1. Provides a fun call-to-action for communities to start the week with physical activity.

  2. Capitalizes on when people are most engaged.

  3. Offers a weekly cue that could increase the use of existing parks, outdoor areas and programs.

  4. Produces new content every week that can be used to engage communities.

  5. Shows your commitment to community health and wellness.

How Can I Use Move It Monday?

  • Organize a Monday Mile! The Monday Mile is something that can easily be done at any fitness level and provides a feasible group activity that can be done every week. Organize a standing Monday Mile or encourage your community to do a Monday Mile in your parks and outdoor areas anytime, every Monday.

  • Promote your existing programs using Move It Monday materials! Move It Monday has a wealth of digital assets and posters that can be used on social media every Monday or printed and posted in high traffic areas. Pick the ones you like, download them, and use them to direct community members to your parks or physical activity programs!

  • Organize new Move It Monday programs! If you’re looking to develop new programs in your parks or recreation facilities, organize them on Mondays and brand them as your new Move It Monday physical activity programs with our free materials! Every Monday could focus on a different group activity such as Yoga then dance fitness, or it can be the same activity every Monday.

See Our Assets for Yourself!

Below are a collection of tips and posters you can use to get started. If you’d like to download all of these assets at once, click here.

Want more? We continue to develop new assets each week, check out our library of digital assets here.

Have Questions or Need Support?

We are happy to provide additional support or guidance as needed. Please feel free to contact us.