Move It Monday Fitness Tips for the Gym

Move It Monday Fitness Tips for the Gym

This Monday, get more out of your gym. Consider expanding your skill set by exploring different kinds of training and equipment to make you stronger, more balanced, and fit.

Exercise is key for good health. It makes you feel good and may even add years to your life. Why not know more so you can do more at the gym?

Resistance and Strength Training This is how you get strong! Take a classic strength training class to get more out of the weight machines and free weights. Other strengthening exercises include working with a resistance band, learning how to use a medicine ball, and doing exercises like squats with a kettlebell

Aerobic Training is for everyone, no matter the fitness level. At the gym, there’s so much you can do to get your heart rate up and keep moving for a minimum of 20 minutes. Think about taking a spin, dance, or kickboxing class. If you want to fly solo, run or walk on the treadmill or ride a stationary bike. You’ll be sure to work up a sweat.

Balance Training is important for all ages, so don’t overlook it! A trainer may have you walk backwards, stand on one foot, stand from a sitting position, and so on. Other proven disciplines include yoga and tai chi classes, which both use standing and coordination – two important components for balance training.

Go to the gym this Monday, and train in different ways on different days. You’ll stay on your toes and never be bored again!

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