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Organize a Monday Mile!

The Monday Mile is a weekly group walk or jog for 20 minutes or less that helps everyone start the week off by moving together! Developed by Move It Monday, it’s a fun activity that helps promote physical activity, engagement, and team-building among any audience – staff, students, communities, you name it!

Watch this quick 30 minute webinar about how you can start a Monday Mile program today! The slides can be downloaded here.

Staff and students at Long Island University celebrate completing their Monday Mile walk

Why Should I Organize a Monday Mile?

  1. Gets every week off to a fresh start.

  2. Capitalizes on when people are most engaged.

  3. Offers the healthy benefits of physical activity.

  4. Requires minimal time commitment.

  5. Shows your commitment to health and wellness.

Resources to Get Started!

We provide all the resources you’ll need to start your Monday Mile and get people engaged! And they’re all free!

How Do I Measure Success?

It could be as simple as counting the number of people who attend. Or it could be a few questions to determine participants’ expectations and experience.

We always want to know if using a Monday cue led to better outcomes – like greater participation in physical activity programs, more “likes” on social media or improvement in health behaviors. It all depends on what information you can collect! If you’d like some guidance on how to measure your Monday Mile outcomes, just email us.


Have Questions or Need Support?

We’re happy to help however we can. Contact us here.