#MondayMile: Join a Walking Group and Get in Shape with Friends!

#MondayMile: Join a Walking Group and Get in Shape with Friends!

If your walking routine needs a refresh, this Monday is a great time to make a change. One idea that has many benefits is joining a walking group. Walking with friends or companions can make the time go by faster and give you a competitive edge!

When you walk by yourself, you can spend some time clearing your head while getting a low-impact workout. But when you bring along a few teammates, it can have a positive effect on your Monday Mile. One of the most obvious benefits is good conversation and company, which can provide better motivation than a quiet, solo walk. It may even distract you enough to keep you walking longer. Walking can be a fun social activity, and every person can push each other to work a little harder.

In addition to a friendly competition, there’s also safety in numbers. More people walking with you means more eyes on traffic signals and the street, which can come in especially handy if you walk at night. You can walk with coworkers during your lunch break and put one person in charge of watching the time! You may even want to set goals for the group, to walk at a faster pace or for longer distances as your stamina improves.

If joining a walking group sounds like something you’d like to try, find out if your workplace coordinates such an activity for employees or conduct an online search to find one in your area. If you use social media, ask people you know if they have recommendations. You can even start your own group online, in your neighborhood, or at work. To make things interesting, make friendly bets with prospective teammates or have everyone add money to a cash prize. You don’t have to include a reward, but it might motivate your group and keep everyone walking a little faster!

Walking is one of the best exercises for keeping you moving and improving your physical and mental health. By inviting more people to join you, you can all boost each other’s efforts towards reaching fitness goals while having a great time. Try making your Monday Mile a social gathering that can occur every week – it can start you off in a healthy mindset, and give you something to look forward to after the weekend!