Monday Mile: Enhance Your Walk

Monday Mile: Enhance Your Walk

Even if the weather has cooled off, it’s still a great time to take a walk outside and complete a Monday Mile. But if you’re getting a bit bored with your walking routine, there are plenty of ways to change things up a bit. You might even get some work done while burning some calories! This Monday, add a few new elements to your walk and get the most of your Monday Mile!

The first thing to remember about going for a walk in cooler weather is to be prepared for the temperature and the darkness. Wear layers and reflective gear, and don’t forget to drink water. Now that your walk is ready for the cold, add in a few extras.

Walk faster. You can maintain a more moderate pace if low-impact exercise is enough for you, but you can always speed things up a little bit to add in some interval training. If you’re ready, you can even jog a little bit. Set an interval timer up (there are plenty of free apps for your smartphone) and walk at a regular pace for two minutes, then walk faster for one to burn more calories (and warm up).

Find a change of scenery. If there’s a race track by your house that you can use, make that your new athletic inspiration. Challenge yourself and see how many laps you can do. If you’re really turned off by the cold, you can also take your walk indoors and use a treadmill. Many of the most basic, inexpensive gyms have treadmills, and you can probably find a great deal on Groupon. But if you’re still enjoying the great outdoors, scout out a really scenic new walking route. Get creative and take photos of your journey along the way! Then post it to the Move It Monday Facebook page to share your progress with our community.

Bring a friend. Tired of walking alone? Ask someone to join you! Having a workout buddy can add to your competitive nature while walking, and increase the time and intensity of your workout. A buddy can also keep you motivated and invite you to challenge yourself. A good conversation may also distract you from the more difficult parts of walking (the cold, a steep hill, a faster interval, etc.) and keep you moving.

Combine your walk with something else. Revamp your Monday Mile by making it about something other than exercise. Take a walk with the family to look at holiday decorations or go out to dinner. Use the walk to give the dog some exercise. You can even walk around the mall to do your holiday shopping.

Walking is great exercise no matter where you do it, so brainstorm all the places you can walk around and head on over! The best way to keep up with your Monday Mile workouts is to keep them interesting, so be creative!