Getting the Family Involved in Exercise

Getting the Family Involved in Exercise

This is a guest blog post by Annmarie of FitFoodieMama.

Annmarie is a loving mother of two, who enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle, which includes cooking Meatless Monday meals and plenty of running. AnnmarieShe blogs at TheFitFoodieMama where she enjoys sharing her fitness experience and often times beautiful pictures of all the delicious meals she cooks.

*Annmarie is not a certified personal trainer. Please consult with your physician, prior to engaging in physical activity.

How do we get the Family Involved in Physical Activity?

As a mom of two little girls, I am often asked how I find time to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. Like any mom, I do enjoy my alone time but since those moments are few and far between I often incorporate my kids into my workouts! Here are a few ways you can get moving with your kids all while bonding at the same time.

Stroller running
If your kids are young like mine then taking them out for a run in the stroller is a great way to stay active and spend time as a family together. Start when they are young and they will hopefully learn to enjoy it like mine did. In fact, my girls enjoy it now so much that they often scream at me to run faster and encourage me along the way. It’s fun for the kids to take a ride plus you might even end up with a free training coach!

Sign up for a fun run!
If your kiddos are too old for the stroller but still want to share your love of running then signing up for a fun run or 5k is a great way to bond and stay active. My oldest is only 3 but she is already showing interest in running. She loves hearing about my runs and of course checking out my medal after a race. I can’t wait for when she is just a bit older so we can sign up for races together. Sharing your love of running or any sport is a fantastic way to bond and make lasting memories!

Make it into a game
Whenever I am working out with my kids at home I incorporate them into my workout. Have your kids count reps as you go along to keep them engaged or teach them different exercises so they can work out alongside you. I have been doing this with my girls since they were infants and now when Mommy says time to work out, it is something they look forward to!

Make the playground your jungle gym
Find a bodyweight workout you can do when you take your kids to the playground. Use the monkey bars for pull ups or leg raises, or do inclined pushups with your hands on the slide. It is a fun way to change up your routine and your kids will get a blast out of you playing alongside of them!

Have a dance party!
Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Not only is it a great way to bond with the kiddos and teach them funky dance moves but it’s also an awesome way to burn calories and tire them out before bedtime. Plus they probably won’t judge you when you break out the chicken wing dance!

The most important thing to remember when trying to incorporate exercise with your kids is to have fun. Try not to look at working out as a dreadful event, rather seize the moments in each day where you can get moving with your kids and make memories in the process.

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