Get in the Water this Monday for a Refreshing Swim

Get in the Water this Monday for a Refreshing Swim

Need a complete workout that will revitalize you this Monday? Health and fitness experts recommend swimming because it’s so versatile. Whether indoors or outdoors, swimming laps, taking an aerobics class, or running in place, it could be time to explore the exciting options of the water.

For some people, it’s not always possible to walk because knees and hips are sore or it’s simply uncomfortable. Weather can also be an issue in some parts of the world. Moving a walk to a workout in a temperature-controlled pool is an appealing alternative, which will still get your heart pumping and make you strong. Time to suit up!

You’ve Got Options!

Start slowly. If you haven’t been in the water for a while, try gentle laps for five to 10 minutes with a floatation device like a kickboard or a pool noodle. Swimming uses all your muscles, so even a slow start can have big results.

Take a class. Taking a swimming aerobics class is a total body work out that tones and sculpts with no impact on your joints and little to no risk of injury. Plus, low-impact aqua classes are designed for all fitness levels.

Do laps. Being in the water will allow you to be buoyant and weightless, which can have a calming and meditative effect. You may feel less stress and more contentment after doing some laps. Chose a comfortable swimming stroke and get a workout while de-stressing.

And if you’re not a swimmer but still want to get in the water, check out these tips on getting started, including blowing bubbles, running in place, and learning to float.

Splish! Splash! Enjoy a refreshing swim this Monday and include swimming in your future workouts. It will help you maintain a fitness routine while you ease off sore muscles, tender joints, or avoid bad weather. We’d love to hear from you so share your water workouts with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!