Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule

Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule

Everyone knows that exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Not everyone realizes how difficult it can be to make room for physical activity in a busy daily schedule. There are a few tricks to making fitness a daily practice and before you know it, you’ll find ways to fill in all of your spare time with beneficial activity. (Maybe not all of it.) Motivate yourself this Monday to make time for a workout –and continue through the rest of the week.

It is recommended by health professionals that adults get at least 2.5 hours of moderate- to high-intensity aerobic activity per week – or 30 minutes a day, five days a week – plus strength training twice a week. The great news is that you may already be taking care of some of that workout time throughout the day. There is always room to do better, and if you have been thinking about taking things to a new level, Monday is a great opportunity to start. Here are some tips to incorporate more physical activity into your day:

Make an actual appointment. Pick a time, any time. Okay, not any time, but a time when you can make yourself available. If you can think of a time during the day that can be spent more productively, that’s when you can choose to work out instead. If you sit around at home after work, go for a run or head to the gym instead. If you’re an early bird, get up early for a workout session. Treat it like a genuine appointment for yourself – put fitness on your calendar and set reminders. Don’t skip this time for your health!

Don’t overthink exercise. In addition to the physical activities you do on a normal basis that burn calories, your 30 minutes of exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. You can join a gym and figure out a circuit training routine. There are also plenty of workouts you can do at home for free and with little or no equipment. Working out at home may also make it easier to squeeze into a daily schedule. There is a variety of workout videos available to stream on Amazon and other platforms; maybe you have some fitness DVDs collecting dust somewhere that you can revisit.

Make your workout something you enjoy. Try an activity that looks like fun. Roller skating, kickboxing, barre, team sports, or an obstacle course can test your fitness – and you can even bring a friend!

If you’re truly dedicated to establishing a steadier workout plan, make the time for it. Start this Monday and stick to it throughout the week. Then set Monday as your day to start off every week with a physical activity boost.