How to Create a Killer Fitness Goal

How to Create a Killer Fitness Goal

Fitness Goal

A fitness goal might be exactly what you need to keep moving.

Do you feel like you’ve gotten a bit bored with your exercise routines? Like you’re kind of just going through the motions and working out because you should?

If that’s the case, consider setting a concrete fitness goal. Whether it’s running a mile 30 seconds faster or improving your walking endurance by 20 minutes, having something specific to work towards can make exercise exciting again and fuel you with motivation.

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Achieving a fitness goal can also make exercising incredibly rewarding. The feeling of accomplishment and progress can bring a lot of joy to working out. When done right, fitness goals can be game-changers that’ll make you see exercise in a whole new light.

Check out these tips for setting a great fitness goal:

Keep it realistic. By all means shoot for the stars, but make sure you truly have the potential to reach your fitness goal within a realistic time frame. If you decide you’d like to become a marathoner runner come up with a reasonable timeline based on your current experience and fitness level. This might be the hardest part of setting a goal, so feel free to consult with running coaches or personal trainers to get an expert’s perspective.

Break it into milestones. If you’d like to eventually run a marathon, identify milestones you can reach on the way to a half-marathon. If you’ve never ran in an organized race before, start with a goal of running a 5K before a specific date. That way you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment, even before you reach your ultimate goal.

Make sure it’s measurable. It’s so important to be able to measure your progress along the way as it can be incredibly motivating. If you want to increase your strength, translate it into something specific; like being able to do 20 push-ups in a row. That way you can track your progress and feel accomplished every time you get closer to your goal.

Celebrate with rewards. What’s more motivating than incentives? Attach a reward to each milestone – it’ll make you that much more motivated.

Write it down. Putting it on paper makes it more official, and if you’re looking for support and to be held accountable you can share it with friends!

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