Ready, Set, Ouch? 5 Stretches to Keep You and the Family Injury-Free

We've compiled a list of positions and poses that are designed for the whole family to do together. Although they’re not particularly taxing or strenuous, you should always start slow with a brief warm up: Jog in place for a few minutes, or just long enough to get the muscles warm. Remember to start slow, and acknowledge that everyone needs to go at their own pace.


This Monday Recommit to Your Routine to Reduce Your Stress Level

While many may dismiss stress as just part of life, it's actually known as a ‘silent killer’ as a result of the negative health outcomes it can trigger. Now is the time to listen to what your stress is saying before it stresses you out. This Monday, reconnect to your plan to stay fit and keep moving in order to reduce your stress level.


This Monday, Have Family Fun with Four Easy Mini-Exercises!

Exercising together makes your whole family stronger! There are many quick and easy exercises everyone can do to stay fit together. This Monday, we’ll give you a few to start so you can continue throughout your week. It’s time to get moving with your whole crew!


This Monday, Stretch Out to Increase Flexibility

This Monday, complement your Move It Monday fitness activities with some low-impact stretches. It might come as a surprise, but regular stretching has many benefits. By increasing your flexibility, it can improve your athletic ability, increase your range of motion, and reduce the chance of future injury.