The Only Motivation You Need to Get Moving on Monday has Four Legs and Bad Breath

Dogs are our best friends, and apparently, they’re also pretty reliable workout partners. Results from a large-scale study show that dog owners are four times more likely to meet daily physical activity guidelines than non-dog owners.


Two Ways to Celebrate Move More Month This Monday

April is Move More Month, and this Monday is a great time to get in gear! Walking is one of the best exercises you can do for a variety of reasons. Use this Monday to kick-start your walking routine then use every Monday to move towards a healthier lifestyle.


#MondayMile: Join a Walking Group and Get in Shape with Friends!

If your walking routine needs a refresh, this Monday is a great time to make a change. One idea that has many benefits is joining a walking group. Walking with friends or companions can make the time go by faster and give you a competitive edge!