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Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Family and Friends this Monday

It’s the end of the year, and with the holidays and New Year’s, you’re probably spending more time with your friends and family than you usually do. Maintain a fitness routine during the holidays by rallying your seasonal support system to keep moving this Monday.


The Runner’s High — Truth or Myth?

How do you feel after a vigorous workout? (Besides sweaty?) If you’ve ever felt buzzed, you’re like many who have experienced the so-called “runner’s high.” Scientists have been studying this post-workout sensation for years, and it may have a more complicated explanation. High-impact workouts do have an intoxicating effect on the brain, so when you get into high gear this Monday, make sure you get your brain in gear, too!


Move It Monday at NSU

Nova Southeastern University held Move It Monday classes every Monday throughout the fall semester of 2014. The classes have captivated the attention of the NSU community and will continue in 2015.

The classes, which take place in the middle of campus by the Shark fountain, […]