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3 Smart Tips to Fit Exercise into Your Lifestyle Every Monday

Exercise is vital to a healthy life. But, it can be difficult to make time for it with a busy schedule. This week we share some ideas to fit fitness into your daily routine. Motivate yourself this Monday to make time for a workout – and continue throughout the rest of the week.


This Monday, Try Under-the-Table Exercises to Energize You During Drawn-out Meetings – A Guest Blog from Sarah Kuester

Research shows that office workers spend 65% to 75% of their workday sitting. Some of this sitting takes place during long meetings, where participants may feel inhibited to stand up and stretch.


This Monday, Have Family Fun with Four Easy Mini-Exercises!

Exercising together makes your whole family stronger! There are many quick and easy exercises everyone can do to stay fit together. This Monday, we’ll give you a few to start so you can continue throughout your week. It’s time to get moving with your whole crew!


Get in the Water this Monday for a Refreshing Swim

Need a complete workout that will revitalize you this Monday? Health and fitness experts recommend swimming because it’s so versatile. Whether indoors or outdoors, swimming laps, taking an aerobics class, or running in place, it could be time to explore the exciting options of the water.