Best of 2019: No-Gym-Necessary Workouts

Best of 2019: No-Gym-Necessary Workouts

You deserve the best.

So, as 2019 comes to an end, we are offering a roundup of the year’s most popular Move it Monday articles (along with some of our personal favorites).

We’ve organized the content into four distinct Move it Monday themes. For this week, our article roundup focuses on workouts you can do outside of the gym, from simple ways to up your step count to mini workouts you can do at the desk. Check out the articles below and never fret being without a gym membership again.

7 Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

Going to the gym isn’t always the best option when you want to work out. In fact, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense at all. Hitting the gym can be costly; both for your bank account and your precious free-time. If you’re trying to save time and money, or you’re simply more comfortable working out at home, get fit with our favorite no-gym-necessary workout tips.

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Move it Monday Mini Exercises

Many of us spend most of our day tethered to an office chair, yet research shows that sitting without the occasional break can result in some serious health consequences including an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, stiff joints, and lower-back pain. Use these mini-workouts to add some more movement to your day, and while you’re at it, recruit some coworkers for a quick exercise break.

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5 Ways to Add More Steps to Your Day

What’s the absolute best way to start getting active? Walking! We know it sounds simple, but walking is arguably one of the most accessible and healthy forms of exercise around. However, clocking the recommended 10,000 steps per day can sometimes prove tricky — especially if you can’t do all your walking in a single session. Check out these five top tips to effortlessly add more steps to your day.

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8 Cheap Ways to Exercise

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get fit, so forget those fancy bikes and expensive gym fees; excellent equipment and workout accessories can be found right in your own home. Try these 8 cheap ways to exercise to invest in yourself and get the job the done.

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