Best of 2019: Getting Your Team Active

Best of 2019: Getting Your Team Active

If you’re looking to be more active, there’s no better motivator than your family. When we work out in a group, we tap in to unique physical and emotional benefits that you can’t access from a solo session at the gym. Families that exercise together tend to be healthier, sleep better, and develop greater conflict resolution skills (imagine that, a family with conflict).

To help inspire you and your loved ones to Move it Monday, we’ve compiled a list of the year’s most popular articles and exercises focused on getting fit as a family.

Check out the list below and use this Monday to get your team active.

Organize a Monday Mile

Let the Monday Mile be the cornerstone of your weekly fitness routine. The Monday Mile is a weekly group walk or jog for 20 minutes or less that helps everyone start the week off by moving together. It’s a fun activity that helps promote physical activity, engagement, and comradery.

To Organize a Monday Mile, click here.

Weekly Fitness Challenges

Struggling to find your Move It Monday motivation? Sometimes all you need is a little friendly competition. To help you get moving on Monday, we’ve developed five simple-but-effective fitness challenges you can issue to your family and friends. Pick your favorite exercise or work through the whole five-week series Monday — tournament style.

For the Weekly Fitness Challenges, click here.

Four Easy Mini-Exercises for the Whole Family

Exercising together makes the whole family stronger. This Monday, try these four mini-exercises, and start your week off on the right foot (or left).

For Four Easy Mini-Exercises for the Whole Family, click here.

Ready, Set, Ouch? 5 Stretches to Keep You and the Family Injury-Free

By increasing your flexibility, you can improve your athletic ability, expand your range of motion, and reduce the chance of future injury. But stretching can be tricky, especially if you’re a beginner or a little out of practice. That’s why it helps to have the whole family involved. Besides the fact that misery loves company (just kidding), a helping hand can make stretching a bit easier.

For 5 Stretches to Keep You and the Family Injury-Free, click here.