Best of 2019: Find Your Flexibility

Best of 2019: Find Your Flexibility

Flexibility is freedom. Thankfully, being able to fearlessly approach any activity, be it a walk around the neighborhood, tennis match, pick-up basketball game, or simply lugging in this week’s grocery hall is a luxury within anyone’s reach.

The key to staying active is all about protecting your body from injury and preparing it for potentially strenuous physical exertion. For this week, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular articles and exercises that can help you find your flexibility and ready yourself for your next workout. And the best part is — you can start them this Monday.

Chair Yoga Poses for All Fitness Levels

Adaptable to all fitness levels, anyone can do yoga. In a typical workday, it’s normal for tension to build up in your shoulders, neck, and back. Doing a few simple yoga moves can help relieve built-up tension. Start your week moving with some chair yoga poses on Monday.

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Stretch Out to Increase Flexibility

Complement your Move It Monday fitness activities with some low-impact stretches. It might come as a surprise, but regular stretching has many benefits. By increasing your flexibility, it can improve your athletic ability, increase your range of motion, and reduce the chance of future injury.

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Find Your Center of Balance with These Exercises

A good sense of balance helps align your muscular system, which is important for stability. Consider sneaking in some stability-strengthening movements in those idle moments of the day: The perfect opportunity could be when you’re waiting in line, talking on the phone or even sitting at your desk.

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Partner Up for Better Flexibility

Performing stretches regularly is the most effective way to prevent loss of flexibility. Stretching also prevents muscle contractures and improves physical ability. Many of these partner stretches can be performed on the floor or the table, so an extra trip to the gym or studio is not required. So find a friend and get stretching.

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