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Connect with a Fitness Family by Using Online Workout Classes, Teachers, and Tutorials

Do you regularly groan when the alarm clock goes off in the morning? Does the thought of getting up early to exercise just feel too daunting? What if you could stay in bed and wake up slowly with a precise routine of stretches that works both your body and mind? That’s bed yoga!


Find Your Center With Balance Exercises

Whether you’re just begging to add some movement into your schedule or are a longtime gym rat – good for you! There are countless benefits to exercise, with strength training and cardio at the center of most workouts. But if your exercise routine is solely made up of sweaty cardio sessions and weight lifting, you’re missing out on something major: A balance practice!


Smart Tactics to Relieve Your Tired, Achy Legs

Achy Legs

Tired, achy legs can really cut into your passion for exercise.

Such pain is often the fate of beginners who engage certain muscles for the first time. Even seasoned athletes get sore when they try out new exercises or increase their reps. If your legs feel sore […]