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Walking Is Real Exercise

Walking Is Real Exercise

Walking is real exercise; the startling health benefits prove it!

Don’t let that hard-core runner convince you otherwise: Walking is real exercise. A 2013 study found that walkers who cover the same mileage as runners enjoy comparable improvements in a variety of health markers. […]


Any Exercise Is Good Exercise

Any Exercise is G

Any exercise is good exercise for your health

The human body was meant to move! And we do that all day long—from brushing our teeth to running for the bus stop to lugging books around school to even texting! Through all these activities we […]


11 Easy Exercises You Can Do at Work

Exercise at Work

Here’s how you can exercise at work

No time to exercise because you’re too busy at work? That’s no excuse at all. The problem is simply how we think about our bodies—we’re one person at work, another at home, another at the gym, etc. In […]


8 Cheap Ways to Exercise

Cheap Ways to Exercise

There are many cheap ways to exercise!

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get fit. Forget those fancy bikes and expensive gym fees. Excellent equipment and workout accessories can be found right in your own home. Public spaces and the […]


7 Ways to Keep Motivated and Stay Fit

Keep Motivated

Finding it tough to keep motivated?

When you’re in the thick of an exercise program, you pump the air, seek the burn, and get off on that feeling of energy rushing through your veins. But there are days when you simply can’t get motivated, when your […]


Fuel for Exercise Success

Fuel for Exercise

Fuel up for exercise to up your performance

Want to ensure your exercise program is fun, safe, and successful? Even if you’re working out for the first time, how you fuel for exercise can make all the difference. Think of your body as a highly […]


6 Ways to Keep Exercising All Week

keep exercising

To keep exercising all week you need strategies!

Starting out each Monday with a goal to exercise all week long is great; it’s just that by Wednesday, that commitment often starts to lag. Life pressures crowd in, maybe boredom overcomes you, and it’s hard to […]