Move It Monday Ambassador Spotlight: The Fit Foodie Mama

Move It Monday Ambassador Spotlight: The Fit Foodie Mama

A little over a year ago things were getting a little crazy for Annmarie Licatese. In a blog post she confessed; “…really though. I think I might just be nuts.“

The super-busy mom needed an outlet.

With a chronically busy husband, she was left to care for her two infant children, who were not always cooperating. The days were beginning to feel lonely, sad and she often felt isolated in her house. Life was becoming empty.

Instead of accepting defeat, Annmarie took a proactive approach to improve her life. Initially, she turned to fitness which worked well for a while. Annmarie was getting active on a regular basis, and even including her children in the fun.

Still, something was missing.

Most of her workouts were done inside her home which eliminated any opportunities for social interaction. Upon realizing this, she started doing some research online. This was a turning point, as she came across other mothers who she shared much in common with.

That’s when the Fit Foodie Mama blog was born, and it became just what Annmarie had predicted;

“…as nuts as it seems (to me), I think it will open some doors for me that might just be my saving grace.”

Upon discovering the fitness blogging community, Annmarie wanted in. She had found her outlet, and it was proving to be what she had hoped for. Annmarie quickly grew her blog and social media channels, which now have a few thousand followers.

And now she’s encouraging others to live an active lifestyle

To help others get active, the Fit Foodie Mama joined the Move It Monday Ambassador Program. This has given her a platform to promote the importance of physical activity, while introducing her to other like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Last year, Annmarie formed a Monday Mile group, in up-state NY, as part of her ambassadorship.

Monday Mile

A lot of people get bored with exercise, so to keep it interesting Annmarie has a few useful tips;

“If you do the same thing all the time, you’re going to get bored and more importantly, you won’t see any results. I have found the key to keeping it fun is changing it up and finding a community of like-minded people to keep you motivated! I really enjoy learning new things about fitness and incorporating new exercises into my workouts.”

“I really enjoy learning new things about fitness and incorporating new exercises into my workouts.”

Workout with Kids
She also has great advice for making exercise a habit;

“You have to set a tangible, measurable goal then make a plan of attack. Schedule your workouts in advance and have a back-up workout on hand in case your original plan for the day goes awry. I actually have a binder full of workouts broken up by category, plus a bunch bookmarked on my phone, so that I have no excuse and never get bored. Having a support system is also important, even though I believe in being your own motivator, having a cheerleader is always nice too!”

Think you need a bunch of fancy equipment or a gym to follow in Annmarie’s footsteps? Think again. The Fit Foodie Mama, as she goes by online, uses very little equipment and is not a member of an exercise facility.

Read more about Annmarie’s fitness journey on her blog or connect with her on Twitter.

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