6 Ways to Keep Exercising All Week

6 Ways to Keep Exercising All Week

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To keep exercising all week you need strategies!

Starting out each Monday with a goal to exercise all week long is great; it’s just that by Wednesday, that commitment often starts to lag. Life pressures crowd in, maybe boredom overcomes you, and it’s hard to keep exercising up. But don’t give into that downward slide. Here are six tips to keep your Monday commitment strong, on line, and focused all week long.

Work out on Monday. Research points to Monday as the best day to start exercising. So, do some form of exercise on the first day of the week to set your mind in the right direction. But don’t burn yourself out. Monday is the day to check in with your body, ask yourself how you feel, and address any issues. If your muscles feel tight, stretch. If you feel flabby, do leg lifts or weights. If you feel sore, stretch & walk. And if you feel ready to conquer the world, do anything, like dancing, that energizes you more.

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Record your workouts. Dieters who keep a food diary lose twice as much weight as those who kept no records, according to a recent study by Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research. So, why not keep an exercise journal to keep you exercising? Fill it out for a month, then look back and see how much you’ve accomplished. Nothing inspires more than seeing the hard work we’ve already put in.

Pump up your self-image. Athletes work out every day, with scheduled off-days to allow their muscles to recuperate. But even on off-days, they know they have to move it or lose it. Okay, you aren’t training for the Olympics, but you can begin to see your body as worthy of attention. Explore your “inner athlete”—the one who revels in feeling good about his or her body—and puts exercise first. You are definitely worth it!

Grab that coffee break. If you absolutely have NO HOURS in the day, you do have a bathroom break or coffee break. So, grab that time. Do some squats. Front, back, and side stretches. Knee lifts on the way to the loo. Or take that brisk walk around the block. Break equals Movement!

Combat those workout blues. Exercise was not meat to bore you to death. And it can, if you are doing the same thing over and over. Not to mention, that working out the same muscles over and over leads to stress and injury. Instead, keep exercising all week by using your creativity to mix it up—walk one day, stretch the next, dance the day after. Your body will thank you.

Organize a group workout. Whether you work in an office or at home, be pro-active and lead the pack. Call a few friends over for a dance party, or ask your HR person if you can organize a 5-minute exercise break-out once a day. Crank up some upbeat music—we love this great song—good for just moving in place or an all-out breakdance. (Secret tip: Crank it up on your phone during a long wait in line; you’re sure to get some smiles, not to mention some fellow jivers.)

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