Fight the Urge to Slack — Recommit to Your Workout This Monday!

Fight the Urge to Slack — Recommit to Your Workout This Monday!

Now that the holiday season has officially kicked off, it may be tempting to give yourself a break when it comes to your workout routine. Finding time to exercise is a bit trickier this time of year. Rather than skip out on fitness, use this Monday to recommit to your workout and keep your momentum going!

While your body can adjust itself if you miss a day or two of exercise it’s likely that you’ll see a big change in your endurance if you skip workouts for two weeks or more. Long periods of inactivity will start to affect your strength and anaerobic capacity. Many people also tend to stray from their healthy diets during the holidays, so that’s another good incentive to make room for exercise. There are plenty of ways to maintain the progress you’ve made with your fitness routine, even during the holidays! Here are some great tricks to fit fitness into your busy holiday schedule.

Do shorter, more intense workouts. One kind of exercise that has been proven to burn calories in a short amount of time is HIIT – high-intensity interval training. There are many classes that incorporate HIIT, but when you can’t make a class, you can easily fit a few short sessions into your schedule throughout the day. Many of the moves don’t require any equipment and little space, so you can do them anywhere.

Do a Monday Mile. If you’re away from your regular gym equipment, walk, jog, or run a Monday Mile. Even if you can’t make it to a more involved cardio session or class, you can always get on your feet and get moving. If you can accumulate 30 minutes of moderately-paced walking in a day, you’ve done your body a huge favor. It’s also a great opportunity to reduce stress!

Get someone to keep you accountable. If you can still get to the gym, consider bringing on a personal trainer for a short time. Explain that your only goal is to keep your eye on the prize so you don’t get distracted. A trainer can help you figure out hints for keeping yourself moving and will give you a good incentive to stick to your longer-term goals. If you don’t need to bring in the big guns (or don’t want to spend the money), enlist a friend or family member as a workout buddy.

Find other options. If you’re traveling to another location for the holidays, look for deals on sites like Groupon for fitness classes where you’ll be staying. You can probably find a free trial for almost anything from yoga to kickboxing, and you don’t have to worry about a commitment. Trying something new is also great for your muscles!

It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed during the holidays. Instead of letting the busy season get in your way, use your workout time as an outlet for the stress. Beginning this Monday, recommit to your routine and keep yourself moving!