Get the Most Out of Your Walk

Research shows that walking for at least 30 minutes a day may improve your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and help stave off stress. If you have already been able to incorporate more walking into your daily routine – or if you walk the Monday Mile every week – you’re already on a great path to getting more physical activity and fighting the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.


Walking Is Real Exercise

Walking Is Real Exercise

Walking is real exercise; the startling health benefits prove it!

Don’t let that hard-core runner convince you otherwise: Walking is real exercise. A 2013 study found that walkers who cover the same mileage as runners enjoy comparable improvements in a variety of health markers. […]


Outsmart Your Body and Brain with New Exercise

New Exercise

Shake Things up with New Exercise Routines

Exercise can become a real bore if you do the same thing over and over. Worse, you can begin to lose muscle and even stop burning fat if you contract the same muscles on a daily basis. […]


How to Start a Monday Mile Walking Group

Group Walk Header

A walking group can be a great way to exercise for fun and good health.

Walking midday can be energizing and refreshing, but it’s easy to pass on a stroll when you’re doing it all alone.

If you’re looking for an easy way to […]


Small Bits of Exercise Lead to Big Changes


Small bits of exercise throughout the day can make a BIG difference.

Does your schedule ever feel too packed for 1-2 hour slots of exercise? Us too! It seems like there are a million things to do every day, and sometimes it feels impossible to […]


Mall Walking is an Awesome Way to Move

Mall Walking BLOG

Mall Walking might not have been on your mind as a way to get moving, but it should be!

If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle or simply looking to add extra steps to your day, mall walking can be your new best friend.

There’s not really […]


The MOST Underrated Exercise

Underrated Exercise

Walking is the most underrated exercise that exists.

Many of us think of exercise as a vigorous activity, and something that just has to get done, like a chore. It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if exercise could be easy, convenient and almost effortless […]