Music Monday – Get Your Groove On!

Traditional exercise can become routine and boring if you don’t mix it up. Incorporating new ways to work out can help you to stay invested so you can actually look forward to your workouts. Learning a new style of dance is a great way to get your groove on while getting aerobic exercise and improving your balance and brain function!


Reach for Better Posture on Monday

Today’s technology-centric lifestyle has helped us in many ways, making daily life more efficient, portable, and entertaining. However, it has been detrimental to a very important aspect of our physical health: our posture. This Monday, we wanted to share a few tips on simple ways you can improve your posture.


7 Ways to Keep Motivated and Stay Fit

Keep Motivated

Finding it tough to keep motivated?

When you’re in the thick of an exercise program, you pump the air, seek the burn, and get off on that feeling of energy rushing through your veins. But there are days when you simply can’t get motivated, when your […]