Work It Out

March 27 - Work It Out

Work It Out

We spend much of our time in the work place desk-bound or in a seated position. Even at home or while traveling, we tend to move very little. With the modern lifestyle in mind, worksite wellness is becoming […]

Pump It Up!

January 30 - Pump It Up


Pump It Up!

Strength training is an important component of overall health and fitness, and provides an important balance to aerobic workouts! Try free weights, weight machines, or resistance bands to strengthen […]

Stretching is Crucial to Keeping Fit!

Stretching Is Crucial to Keeping Fit

Stretching is Crucial to Keeping Fit!

Stretching before and after exercise is crucial. Stretching helps increase the range of motion around a joint and also loosens up the stiffness in muscles. When you warm your muscles up before exercise, the better […]

6 Ways to Keep Exercising All Week

keep exercising

To keep exercising all week you need strategies!

Starting out each Monday with a goal to exercise all week long is great; it’s just that by Wednesday, that commitment often starts to lag. Life pressures crowd in, maybe boredom overcomes you, and it’s hard […]

How Mondays Can Help You Stay Fit

Never Miss a Monday

This post originally appeared on Stepz App’s Blog.

You Should Never Miss a Monday!

Are you having trouble sticking to your health goals? You’re not the only one.

Often times, our motivation level can vary greatly from day to […]