Reach for Better Posture on Monday

Today’s technology-centric lifestyle has helped us in many ways, making daily life more efficient, portable, and entertaining. However, it has been detrimental to a very important aspect of our physical health: our posture. This Monday, we wanted to share a few tips on simple ways you can improve your posture.


Add More Life to Your Monday Run

Even if you’re getting on in years, it’s never too late to start a new fitness routine. If you’re stumped on what to do, try something that won’t require any expensive equipment or a gym membership: running!  If you were to start a running regimen this Monday and stick with it, you could extend your life a few extra years.


6 Ways to Keep Exercising All Week

keep exercising

To keep exercising all week you need strategies!

Starting out each Monday with a goal to exercise all week long is great; it’s just that by Wednesday, that commitment often starts to lag. Life pressures crowd in, maybe boredom overcomes you, and it’s hard to […]