Work It Out

March 27 - Work It Out

Work It Out

We spend much of our time in the work place desk-bound or in a seated position. Even at home or while traveling, we tend to move very little. With the modern lifestyle in mind, worksite wellness is becoming […]

Pump It Up!

January 30 - Pump It Up


Pump It Up!

Strength training is an important component of overall health and fitness, and provides an important balance to aerobic workouts! Try free weights, weight machines, or resistance bands to strengthen […]

Stretching is Crucial to Keeping Fit!

Stretching Is Crucial to Keeping Fit

Stretching is Crucial to Keeping Fit!

Stretching before and after exercise is crucial. Stretching helps increase the range of motion around a joint and also loosens up the stiffness in muscles. When you warm your muscles up before exercise, the better […]

Stretch Into Bed Yoga

A Serene, Empowering Way to Start Every Day

Do you regularly groan when the alarm clock goes off in the morning? Does the thought of getting up early to exercise just feel too daunting? What if you could stay in bed and wake up slowly with a precise routine […]

Get Out and Bike: An Exercise with Benefits You’ll Love


If you watched the cycling competitions in the Rio Olympics, you may have noticed just how fit those cyclists are. Of course, these athletes train for thousands of hours on rugged terrain in all kinds of weather. Luckily, you don’t need that training schedule or a […]

Good Balance for Good Beginnings: Stability Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Balancing Yoga PoseDeveloping good balance is at the core of all successful exercise.

From jogging to weight lifting to riding a bike—and yes, even walking—a good sense of balance allows the proper functioning and alignment of your muscular system. Without good balance, you can easily fall off […]

Smart Tactics to Relieve Your Tired, Achy Legs

Achy Legs

Tired, achy legs can really cut into your passion for exercise.

Such pain is often the fate of beginners who engage certain muscles for the first time. Even seasoned athletes get sore when they try out new exercises or increase their reps. If your legs feel […]

Any Exercise Is Good Exercise

Any Exercise is G

Any exercise is good exercise for your health

The human body was meant to move! And we do that all day long—from brushing our teeth to running for the bus stop to lugging books around school to even texting! Through all these activities […]

11 Easy Exercises You Can Do at Work

Exercise at Work

Here’s how you can exercise at work

No time to exercise because you’re too busy at work? That’s no excuse at all. The problem is simply how we think about our bodies—we’re one person at work, another at home, another at the gym, etc. […]

8 Cheap Ways to Exercise

Cheap Ways to Exercise

There are many cheap ways to exercise!

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get fit. Forget those fancy bikes and expensive gym fees. Excellent equipment and workout accessories can be found right in your own home. Public spaces and […]