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Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule

Everyone knows that exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Not everyone realizes how difficult it can be to make room for physical activity in a busy daily schedule. There are a few tricks to making fitness a daily practice and before you know it, you’ll find ways to fill in all of your spare time with beneficial activity. (Maybe not all of it.)


Finding the Best Sneakers

Embarking on a new running routine is a popular choice for people looking to amp up their physical fitness. It’s an exercise that doesn’t require equipment, gets you outside, and can even be done while listening to music or a podcast. However, there is one important part of running that will make your Monday Mile a lot more comfortable and successful: the right shoes. Before your run this Monday, make sure your sneakers can get you across the finish line!


Exercise to Fight the Blues

It’s normal to have a case of the blues once in a while. You could feel stuck in a rut or feel like you have no direction. Maybe you’re just not feeling like yourself. While clinical depression is something to discuss with your doctor, there is an inexpensive and scientifically backed way to deal with a more incidental dip in your mood: exercise. If you’re in a slump this Monday, make time for working out to give your outlook a boost!


The Runner’s High — Truth or Myth?

How do you feel after a vigorous workout? (Besides sweaty?) If you’ve ever felt buzzed, you’re like many who have experienced the so-called “runner’s high.” Scientists have been studying this post-workout sensation for years, and it may have a more complicated explanation. High-impact workouts do have an intoxicating effect on the brain, so when you get into high gear this Monday, make sure you get your brain in gear, too!


Monday Fitness Explainer: CrossFit

If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably come across CrossFit. CrossFit has become hugely popular with people seeking a high-impact workout that combines a variety of strengthening exercises with intense but friendly competition. Based on a series of “foundational movements,” CrossFit claims to be based on the types of fitness routines practiced by law enforcement, the military, and elite athletes but is geared for anyone who wants to try. But is it for you?


This Monday, Sneak in a Workout

If you missed your 30 minutes of cardio, you may have made up for it without even realizing it. There are several things that you do every day that burn calories and contribute to getting more physical activity. This Monday, make a note of some of the things you do around the house and during the day that require you to move around more, then build on that to be more active!